Park House buyers are living the “Lock It and Leave It” (and Love It!) lifestyle

News / Park House buyers are living the “Lock It and Leave It” (and Love It!) lifestyle

Interior View of Park House Residence

It’s no secret, the Las Vegas luxury condominium market is hotter than ever. And it’s not hard to figure out why. Las Vegas offers more excitement than ever with its dramatic influx of new businesses, commercial developments, entertainment titans and even professional sports leagues in the past few years alone. Investors the world over are looking to this area as the place to be in a historically booming economy. Which makes it the perfect spot to buy into, and to live, the coveted and freeing “Lock and Leave” lifestyle so popular with a swelling generation of Americans.

Whether you’re downsizing, right-sizing, seasonally migrating or just refining your lifestyle, a Park House condominium residence in Las Vegas, Nevada rewards you with the ultimate highly-amenitized “Lock and Leave” situation. Stylish, secure and packed with thoughtful premium amenities, luxury condominium homes like those at Park House are not only a signature landmark of Las Vegas’ new urbanism, they put you in the middle of the action. It’s the perfect jumping off point, or landing spot, for everything Southern Nevada has to offer. Owning a condo in Las Vegas has always been exciting, buying one now gives you an ultra-convenient hub for the next phase of a Las Vegas re-invention that is sure to be world class in every way.

What’s more, the practical and financial advantages of buying a Park House condominium are almost too many to mention. Centrally located, newly renovated, low-maintenance, security, less to clean, no yardwork and more. It’s the easy, affordable lifestyle you’ve worked hard to achieve, in a market experiencing an incredible upward momentum in lifestyle choices. Truly one of those opportunities that only come around so often.

Why “Lock it and Leave It” at Park House? The reasons are as simple as they are exciting:

Travelling Perhaps the biggest benefit of the lock-and-leave lifestyle is the freedom it affords you. The luxury of pursuing that lifelong dream of seeing the world. Or that chance to skip an icy Midwest winter for a sunny January in the Red Rocks. For snowbirds and those on the move alike, Park House is minutes from McCarran International Airport, an airport that welcomes some 44 million visitors a year. Every major domestic and international carrier offers frequent service. And talk about convenience, residents could fly in for a world class golf weekend as easily as they could be flying out for the grandkids’ pee-wee soccer tournament. Even if you’re more of the mind to stick closer to home, you’re free to lock up and road trip out to the coast or a ski day on the slopes at Brianhead.

Friendly Neighbors Unlike single family sprawlers in the surrounding suburbs, the condominium residences are designed for social living. You’re never far from a friendly pop-up dinner invitation or a sunset glass of wine with your neighbor on the rooftop veranda at Park House. What does this have to with locking and leaving? Everything. Like you, your neighbors at Park House are living a very spontaneous, free lifestyle in most cases. They come and go as they please, just like you. Which makes them great assets to locking and leaving. Everyone’s looking out for each other, be it for a month, a week or just the afternoon-which means more eyes on your door and more common interest in keeping each other’s property safe. This is especially useful if you have pets, plants or mail that needs looking after while you all live the dream. Lock it, leave it, and know someone’s looking out for it.

Security Park House, and other luxury condominiums for sale in Las Vegas, have something in common, a secured, monitored lobby, limiting entry and exit to the structure. This is another huge key to the lock-and-leave lifestyle, and it’s priceless. The newly renovated and stylishly appointed lobby at Park House provides both an impressive entry for guests while doubling as a buffer from intruders or unwanted solicitors. Having spaces like these, combined with keyless entry systems and roving on-site security personnel make your condominium residence that much safer, more attractive, and valuable in the long run. Plus, a private and controlled-access underground parking garage ensures safe entry at all hours and the flexibility to lock and leave a vehicle as well. A truly free lifestyle is worry-free as well.

Low Maintenance Luxury Still not convinced? Included in your Las Vegas lock-and-leave lifestyle is the oh-so-sweet, and oh-so-often-underrated, advantage of owning a home that requires little to no maintenance. No yardwork, no gutters to clean, no worrying about that broken sprinkler or dying tree. It’s all covered in your monthly condo association fee. And at Park House that means resort-style common areas and spa-like fitness centers surrounded by carefully manicured grounds. It means having access to a pool, but not the upkeep of a pool. And so on. From fire pit patios to outdoor kitchens, taking care of it is none of your concern. Go away for months at a time and know that not a single plant will need trimming or a driveway need shoveling. Luxury is locking and leaving the maintenance to someone else.

Don’t just lock it, love it. There’s definitely a “have your cake and eat it too” element to owning a Park House luxury condo residence, and it’s about more than just being able to come and go as you please with peace of mind. It used to be that luxury meant more square feet, more acreage and more premium finishes and accoutrements. Today’s lock-and-leaver knows that they don’t have to go big to experience luxury living, in fact, quite the opposite. A Park House lock-and-leave residence comes with the premium finishes, high-end appliances and modern design elements, but at a fraction of the cost in other metropolitan markets. That rooftop outdoor kitchen you once dreamed of building in your “someday” home? It’s here too. The dreamlike cabanas that take a car payment to reserve in Cabo? It’s yours any sunny afternoon you want. Plus, even within the Las Vegas market Park House owners have a distinct advantage-the demand for single story floorplans like these far out paces their two-story counterparts. Even more to love, for less.

Empty nesters, snowbirds and anyone else enjoying their duly earned independence knows the ‘lock and leave’ lifestyle is the holy grail of urban living in 2018 and beyond. There’s just so many advantages to living in a condo in Las Vegas, and particularly a luxury residence at Park House. And when you can lock it, leave it, and love it more than any home you’ve ever owned, it’s a win-win all around.

The Park House sales center and model residence is open daily by appointment. To learn more about this limited collection of luxury contemporary condominiums, visit to schedule a private tour and showing with a Park House ownership specialist. Park House is located at 8925 W. Flamingo Road in Las Vegas.